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VPS hosting
In this article we will focus on some of the most well-known cloud VPS hosting providers. The names are provided in alphabetical order below, with some comments regarding each provider. This is not an exhaustive list but just a few providers we tested:

Amazon Lightsail is a VPS type of service provided by Amazon, one of the top 3 cloud providers. This is a popular service since it also has great pricing (starting at $3.50), and it benefits from the great user interfaces offered by this cloud provider. Also comes with RDP access, API and DNS management. Please note that this provider also offers a full range of cloud services as well.

Azure Cloud by Microsoft is another one of the top 3 providers in the world. They offer a complete range of services on operating systems including Linux and Windows. It also offers per-second billing which might be useful in some cases. This company also offers a lot of additional services, a full range of cloud hosting services that you can choose from.

DigitalOcean is one of the popular VPS providers out there, considered to be very user-friendly. While originally they focused solely on VPS servers, today DigitalOcean has expanded their service base with services like managed databases, object storage and block storage. Starting a VPS with DO is fast and easy, and you can also opt for automated backups and other perks.

Google Compute Engine offers high-performance, scalable virtual machines, as per their own service description. It comes with lots of different features and comes well integrated with API and is of great interest to developers. Google is one of the top 3 cloud providers and offers a full range of additional cloud services.

Linode is a VPS hosting provider that has a strong fan base. They have an easy to understand pricing list, starting at $5 and include a dedicated CPU line and a high-memory VPS server line as well. Other useful services are cloning, backups and the ability to move your VPS to another server.

OVH is one of the hosting providers we prefer, with many datacenters across Europe and Canada. Having competitive pricing and their servers come with included DDoS protection, which is a great thing to have. Offers very good server performance, and a reliable user interface. Furthermore they also offer many additional services, such as private cloud for example, for advanced users.

Ramnode is a hosting provider with great pricing and good performance, several datacenters and including two main types of virtualization, OpenVZ and KVM, each with their own advantages depending on usage. They also offer DdoS protection as an addon for a small monthly fee, and excellent support services.

Scaleway is an European VPS hosting provider. They offer a wide range of servers including baremetal ARM servers, a distinct and popular option. The interface is one of the best out there, allowing very easy configuration and even movement of servers and images. You can also connect additional hard drives on the fly. Furthermore these VPS servers come with included base DdoS protection. Good pricing and basic DDoS protection is included

Copyright note: We are not affiliated with any of the above hosting providers, and this is not a top list; just some examples. The brands above correspond to their respective owners, and not to us. Feel free to visit each service above and decide on your own which one is best for you.

As a side note, there is no “perfect VPS hosting provider”, each service has their pros and cons; therefore you can choose a provider which best suits your needs. Happy VPS'ing!

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