What is private cloud? How about private cloud storage?

private cloud storage service
Private cloud is a type of cloud service where access to the cloud servers is private, accessible only to the account owner(s) and their employees.

Private cloud storage services are some kind of dedicated storage environment, locked behind a firewall that prevents public access to the array of cloud servers or services. On one hand, account owners and employees can access the data either via encryption/whitelist mechanisms, such as IP whitelisting and user/password access for example, OR (better) through a VPN service, that allows seamless network access and transfers to/from the cloud storage and user's computers, similar to an intranet network for example.

On the other hand, the private cloud cannot be accessed by the outside world directly. In some way, it is just as if the servers themselves were on-premises, and they can be accessible just as if they were like that, but they still reside in the cloud and serve requests from there.

Private cloud storage can be used for storing files, databases and more. This is an environment most suitable for private, sensitive data such as company internal information, accounting, client data and more. On the other hand it is the right choice when the owner company needs a great degree of control over their data. Access rights and access logs can be used to monitor and audit who can access what and who has accessed what in the private cloud storage.

One question remaining is, why using private cloud storage, when you can use an in-house, on-premises computer server? Well, there are lots of advantages of using cloud-based storage, such as low monthly cost as most cloud storage environments price per usage, then also zero initial investment, redundant networks ensured by the cloud provider and 24/7 technician monitoring, optional DDoS and intrusion protection depending on case, and especially scalability.

Companies can easily scale up and down their private cloud based on their ever-changing business needs; and therefore private cloud is likely the best choice in a wide variety of cases of business network and internal/intranet network for data storage and multi-user access in a given company.

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